Here at Willow Patch Games, we’re excited to announce several new card games are available to play! This is a new genre we’re expanding into and we hope all y’all enjoy it.

As with all our games, we’ve provided extensive configuration to make the game as realistic to your home gameplay as possible – or just to spice it up every once in a while.


Minimum Players Maximum Players Game Length
2 7 About an hour

Spades is a game of strategy and skill. Best played with 4 or 6 in pairs, Spades requires players bid the number of tricks in their hand. However, a bid of zero isn’t allowed: instead, you must bid nil and commit to taking no tricks. If you don’t make your bid, a penalty is applied. First to 500 points wins!


Minimum Players Maximum Players Game Length
3 8 About an hour

Hearts is a game of luck with a touch of strategy. While each player is for themselves, rounds begins with passing a few cards left, right, or across the table. Careful of grudges! The Queen of Spades is worth 13 points and each Heart one when taken in a trick. Don’t let someone take them all though: it penalizes everyone else! First to 100 ends the game, at which point lowest score wins.

Three Thirteen

Minimum Players Maximum Players Game Length
2 15 About 90 minutes

Three Thirteen is an aptly-named Gin variant. Players are dealt three cards the first round, then four, then five, and eventually up to 13 rounds. Each round, players try to complete groups (either runs or 3 of a kinds) to remove points from their hand. When someone reaches 0, they can go out and remaining points are counted against each player. Count those cards though: while the joker remains wild, each round new wild card joins the mix! Lowest score after the thirteen-card round wins.

Eight Jacks

Minimum Players Maximum Players Game Length
2 8 About 20 minutes

In this twisted recreation of a popular classic, players attempt to be the first to create runs on a board. Each turn, a player discards a card, marks the corresponding slot, and draws a replacement. Watch out for Jacks and Jokers: the Jack of Clubs and Diamonds are wild and can be played anywhere; the Jack of Spades and Hearts can remove an opponent’s tile; but the Jokers can do either! First player or team to complete the allotted number of runs wins.

We’re hard at work improving these games and plotting our next set to implement.

Interested in commissioning a game?

We’re available! Drop us a mail and we can discuss.