All new adventures need those moments you go “heads down”. We here at Willow Patch Games are spending some quality time over the next few days, face-to-face, tackling the next batch of “stickies” on our Wall-of-Work.

As the newbie in the bunch, I was tasked with blogging about our activities today. Personally, I completed setup of my environment. (Thanks, Alex, for all your help troubleshooting errors!) Then, I focused on reviewing a few PRs most beginning with the Privacy Policy.

Next, I’ll be tackling updates to the pricing page. We need to both make the information available, but also make it more consumable.

Speaking of consumability, Ana and Katherine worked on main landing page usability. (Maybe one of them will author a blog in the coming days…) This is another of our focus items.

Besides being Project Lead, Alex has been working a few bug/features that needed cleanup.

So, if you have time, stop by Willow Patch Games and play our word game, Rush!. When you create a new account, your first 3 games are free. We’d love to have your support and hear your feedback.