While looking for new variants of Uno, we stumbled upon Spicy Uno. An extra 6 rules on top of regular Uno, it changed our playing of this classic. Last year for Christmas, we had gifted (and subsequently played) Uno Flip, an officially sanctioned Uno variant known for its shocking Dark Side.

We were surprised nobody appears to have published a port of Spicy Uno to the Uno Flip card set. So, from Liz and Alex at Willow Patch Games, here’s our proposal.


In the below, rules apply to the light side. Noted below each rule is the corresponding dark side variant, building upon the light side one.

  1. When you play a 1, you may swap hands with any player.
    • On the dark side, you must swap hands with another player.
    • Since you may “jump in” (see rule 5 below) when you have an exact matching card, if the target of the swap has a matching 1 card and wishes to play it, it negates the effect of the first 1. This occurs because in a regular Uno deck, 0s are unique, whereas in the Uno Flip deck, there is no 0 card and number cards are not unique.
  2. When you play a 6, everyone must slap the deck. The last player to slap the deck must draw a single card.
    • On the dark side, the last player must draw 2 cards.
  3. When you play a 7, everyone must be silent. This effect remains until the next 7 is played. Anyone who speaks while silence is in effect must draw a card.
    • On the dark side, everyone must be silent and keep a straight face.
  4. When a draw one (+1) card is played, you may avoid playing by “stacking” another draw one card if you have one. The player who cannot play must then draw the sum. This also applies with wild draw two (+2) cards. Note that +1 and +2 cards cannot be mixed on the light side.
    • On the dark side, the above applies with draw five (+5) and wild draw color (+c). However, here you can mix and match the two types. In the event multiple are played, all +5s resolve first and then +c individually.
  5. If you have a card that matches the current card on top of the deck, you can jump in and play it even if it isn’t your turn. Play resumes as if it had been your turn and continues in the same direction.
    • On the dark side (and unlike the light side), you may jump in on yourself and even present the cards as a single unit.
  6. When another player is drawing to find a card suitable to play, you may offer any of your cards instead. The player accepting the card need not play it, and the player offering player need not offer an immediately playable card.

Additionally, we make the following rule change to align Uno Flip rules with regular Uno rules:

  1. When it is your turn and you cannot play, you need to draw until you choose to play. You may also draw even though you could play.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!